Sake & Soy Sauce Fungi


Aspergillus oryzae-Koji fungus 🍄

While it’s likely the first time you’ve heard of this organism, you’ve surely heard of the byproducts it helps create. For over 2,000 years this mold has been utilized to create soy sauce, sake, rice vinegars, and miso soup. 🍵🍚
Actually, there is ancient lore around the creation of soy sauce from Japan: A monk intending to create miso (fermented soy beans) saw value in the liquid byproduct that collected in the fermentation barrel as a separate product. Shoutout to soy sauce creation. 🙌🏻________________________________________

While, this fungi is responsible for that delicious event, a company is utilizing the same fungus to create real world environmentally friendly applications. 🌳
Novozymes @novozymes uses enzymes from the koji & other fungi to create environmentally friendy laundry detergent, leather softeners, and products that add efficiencies to the juice business. We don’t think about it much, but there are some pretty toxic chemicals ☠️ in our detergents, hence how our clothes get cleaned. We are pretty hopeful our current technology washes it out completely (right? 😒)but even if it does, it then is in the water supply. Imagine what a non-toxic fungi solution to cleaning clothes could look like? 🍄😊❤️

ben lillibridge