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10 Interesting Benefits of Mushroom Coffee You Must Know

You probably can’t miss mushroom coffee made from Hawaii mushrooms across various social media platforms. Perhaps you’ve seen it featured on lists of health and wellness trends. If you’ve ever eaten mushrooms, you may be aware that they’re perceived to have beneficial health effects. But you might be wondering about the hype. Here are the answers in the form of ten interesting benefits.

Mushroom Coffee Contains Antioxidants

Functional mushrooms like Chaga have antioxidants, which help fight tissue damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Adding Chaga to your coffee may help fight the damage of aging by neutralizing free radicals.

Empower Your Workouts, Start the Day with Mushroom Coffee 

With Hawaii mushrooms, your daily coffee routine can also support your workouts! Daily consumption of cordyceps mushroom powder supports a person’s stamina, endurance, and oxygen capacity during their workout and promotes muscle recovery afterward.

Mushroom Coffee Gives You Additional Nutrients

Adding just one teaspoon of single-species powder made from dried, whole food Hawaii mushrooms to your coffee will give you many nutrients. These include a low-calorie source of protein, vitamins, and minerals while supporting your body’s homeostatic balance with bioactive compounds!

Mushrooms That Help Your Brain Function

Despite seven out of ten Americans drinking coffee daily, substantial evidence shows that this habit is connected to several health issues. Lion’s mane coffee, on the other hand, is a great way to supercharge your morning routine with bioactive compounds that support brain health. 

Made from nootropic Hawaii mushrooms, it is known to help improve memory, focus, and clarity, promoting emotional well-being helping you start each day at your creative and productive best.

Helps with De-Stressing, Via Mushrooms

Adaptogenic mushroom species help to counter stressors and support your body’s equilibrium. Reishi, one of the many Hawaii mushrooms otherwise known as Ganoderma, can help you destress later in the day and get a restful night’s sleep.

Improve Your Digestion Using Mushrooms

Due to the prebiotic fiber content in mushrooms, these foods support good intestinal bacteria. A teaspoonful added to your coffee will increase your daily fiber intake.

Limits Cholesterol Absorption, by Mushroom Intake

Maitake mushrooms, a fungus species, contain sterol compounds in their cell wall layers. When rats were fed a high cholesterol diet in a particular study, they absorbed less cholesterol from their food when given maitake mushrooms. 

Thus, ergosterol was isolated as a compound that could inhibit cholesterol absorption. Adding mushroom powder to your coffee can help limit the amount of cholesterol you absorb from food, and maitake mushrooms are a significant source of ergosterol.

Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Mushroom coffee from Hawaii mushrooms can support healthy blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. A few studies suggest that maitake mushrooms may reduce the number of carbohydrates digested and absorbed by the body when eaten with a high-carb diet. 

Try adding maitake powder to your coffee the next time you eat a high carbohydrate meal to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Recalibrate Your Immune System with Mushrooms

Beta-glucans in functional Hawaii mushrooms support a healthy immune response through their immunomodulating potential. Adding a small amount of turkey tail powder to your coffee in the morning can contribute to a healthy immune system while also giving you a kick of energy.

Mushrooms that Relieve Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is linked to many diseases and health conditions throughout the body, such as internal scarring, DNA damage, and tissue death. A variety of mushroom species contain compounds that fight inflammation. These compounds are known as polysaccharides, carotenoids, and B vitamins. Adding mushroom powder to your diet supports your body’s response to inflammation.

Purchase Coffee Made from Hawaii Mushrooms Now

The research is in, and it proves that mushroom coffee is much more beneficial than its beaned variant. Ensure that your provider is certified and legitimate for you to enjoy these health benefits!

Order coffee made from Hawaii mushrooms from Mālama Mushrooms today! We are a family-owned, superfood mushroom company based in Kona, Hawaii, with a mission to share the health & wellness benefits of superfood mushrooms with the world. 
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