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Malama is the Hawaiian word for preserve, protect, & nurture. 



This is the standard
for all the
work that
we do.



Our Roots...

Malama Mushrooms fruited on the Big Island of Hawaii as an initiative to unearth the enormous potential of mushrooms in our society. Whether its medicinal mushrooms for targeting specific ailments, or nutritionally rich gourmet mushrooms for a healthy diet, our goal is to create healthy fungi-based produce & value-added products that you can get behind as a loyal fan, customer, and family member. Malama is the Hawaiian word for preserve, protect, & nurture. This serves as the standard for all the work that we do. 

Our Mission...

In our world today it seems that everybody has a loved one, or is they themselves, affected by cancers and other diseases, industrial pollutants, etc. In Hawaii, trucks spraying weed poison drive down the road spraying pesticides literally right outside our homes and farms. These two occurrences don’t seem merely coincidental. Is it just us or does it seem like our culture has become tolerant of these events as an unavoidable realities? We disagree with this passive mindset. 

What You Can Do...

While our work & living environments, diets, etc. may have toxic hazards that we can’t always perceive or are simply out of our individual control, we have the capability to take hold of what we put in our bodies and make sure they are medicinal and nutritionally rich. Mushrooms are a powerful tool in accomplishing this. Simply take 5 minutes to research mushrooms and disease prevention and you will find endless scientific supported and thoroughly researched data on the topic. Anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-allergic, anti-arthritic, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue,  prebiotic, immune system boosting are just some of the terms you will see. If any of those are something you need strengthening in in your life, medicinal mushrooms are worth exploring. 

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Paradise lost...

Hawai'i. Many people hear the name and their imaginations conjure up exaggerated ideas of paradise. Although it is a remarkable place with amazing natural & cultural beauty, it has challenges of it's own. Despite a year round growing season, Hawai'i imports about 90% of it's food, and exports 80% of its agricultural commodities. 



Our main agriculture export is seed corn (These seeds are then grown into "actual" corn elsewhere, which still aren't food, but turned into sweeteners for nutritionally empty foods or feedstock for large scale animal agriculture). Though many depend on this industry for jobs, the crops requires tons of harmful pesticides to actually grow. Besides the health consequences of these pesticides getting into peoples food & water, just the fact that this is the State's largest agricultural commodity and it depends so heavily on imports is reason for alarm.





Support our local population with locally grown gourmet & medicinal mushrooms. 



Our Vision...

We want to not only see, but BE apart of the agricultural independence of Hawaii. The Big Island use to have enough food resources to be able to sustain populations of the same size it has now. It is still quite capable of doing so but needs committed people to help get it there. This is why we are currently in the planning phases of building our own medicinal & gourmet mushroom cultivation center here on Hawaii Island. This is serve two functions

  1. Support our local population with locally grown gourmet & medicinal mushrooms

  2. Create medicinal MUSHROOM value-added products with domestic and international demand to strengthen our agricultural INDEPENDENCE AND ECONOMY.

We have small scale fungi projects on the island, but nothing that can support the growing demand for our product line. Each purchase of our products supports our vision. If you have ever visited here and fell in love with the islands or simply wish to visit one day, please consider supporting us and purchasing one of our products.


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