...is Hawaiian for Protect, Preserve, and Nurture

This serves as the standard for all the work that we do.

NEW PRODUCT: Mushroom Superfood Mix

BOOST your day with our new 4 Mushroom Powder Mix with Organic Reishi, Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps fruiting-body extract. 

Mix into coffee, smoothies, tea, breakfast bowl, etc.

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Mushroom Chocolates

100% Organic ingredients, fair-trade cacao, made with 100% mushroom fruiting-body extracts.

Healthy Creative Fung-tional Recipes

Mushroom Maca Magic Energy Bites!

Boost your day with sustained energy from these Mushroom Maca Magic Energy Bites!

These muy simple but muy tasty energy balls are made with dates, maca and hemp seeds PLUS the Mālama Medicinal mushrooms mix of choice (we like to use our Mushroom Superfood Mix or Cordyceps Cacao Mix) - that's all you need! 

Great for pre-workout, on-the-go food, mid-day-pick-me-up, or hike-food!

Mushroom-Superfood Cookie Dough 'Nice' Cream (GF)

Superfood Mushroom Cookie Dough Milkshake   We did it, fam. On a quest to create the dessert-y things we crave without refined sugars or crazy pro...

Mermaid Mushroom-Matcha Smoothie

  Okay, so we don't know any mermaids personallyyyy to know that they drink this but the pretty blue-green coloring is reminiscent of a mermaid fi...

Fung-tional Superfood Sweet Potato Bread (GF)

We love sweet potato almost as much as we love mushrooms.  So we decided to combine them into this super simple 'Fung-tional Superfood Sweet Potato bread' recipe to keep you fueled and chock full of fiber, vitamins, and adaptogens.