New Product: Superfood Mushroom Coffee

Start your day right with world renowned 100% Kona coffee + Lion's Mane & Cordyceps mushrooms for sustained, jitter-free energy and brain boosting power! 

Malama in the press

"Long thought to have medicinal benefits, fungi including reishi, lion’s mane and chaga are gaining popularity in the wellness world"

Mushroom Chocolates

100% Organic ingredients, fair-trade cacao, made with 100% mushroom fruiting-body extracts.

Healthy Creative Fung-tional Recipes

Superfood Cake Batter Balls (GF, Vegan)

This six ingredient no-bake recipe is vegan, GF, filled with superfoods, and tastes like cake battahh... like what else do we really want from our...

Superfood Mushroom Ganache 🍄 🥊 ✨🍫

This simple, dairy-free Chocolate Ganache recipe made with our superfood mushrooms will effortlessly elevate your dessert game. You can use this a...

Double Mush Chocolate Chip Cookies

Try out these delicious Double Mush Chocolate Chip Cookies made our sister and foodie friend Danielle in Santa Monica - One bowl and a short ingre...

Blueberry Mushroom Pancakes (Vegan, GF) 🥞✨🙃

We remixed this breakfast staple with our 8 Mushroom Superfood mix to give us sustainable energy to get us through day!!  Gluten free, dairy free,...