Chaga Mushrooms, Here’s Why You Need to Consider Them

Chaga Mushrooms, Here’s Why You Need to Consider Them

Chaga Mushrooms, Here’s Why You Need to Consider Them


Chaga mushrooms are a fungus which are growing more and more popular every day! If you look into the market, there's chaga coffee, tea and supplements available and they are becoming widely talked about on social media. In this blog, we're going to explore how they can give your system a serious boost.


What Is Chaga?

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Inonotus obliquus is a fungus that is more commonly known as chaga. The growth is generally considered cancerous; it's usually found on birch trees, invading the interior until the tree dies. While that seems counterproductive if not wholly hazardous to human health, chaga mushrooms are only deadly for trees. On the other hand, it's actually very helpful for a person's health.


Chaga has plenty of antioxidants that can slow or prevent the growth of a tumor in people entirely! Other potential benefits include fending off heart disease and helping cholesterol to lower considerably.


What Kind Of Health Benefits Can Chaga Mushrooms Possibly Give Us?


  • Chaga Mushrooms Have Been Considered to Address Issues with Cancer


A lot has been said about the perceived antitumor activities of chaga. Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma: Approaches to Treatment says several countries have harvested them, using them for cancer treatment. It should be noted, however, that as of right now it’s not been confirmed or stated as factual by the medical community


Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center's senior dietitian Dana Hunnes, PhD says that chaga "can prevent and perhaps even slow down cancer cell growth."


A study in mice found tumors lessening by up to 60%. Test-tube studies on human cells taken from several sources (breasts, colons, livers, lungs, prostates) showed that cancer cell growth was prevented by chaga.


  • Chaga Mushrooms Will Likely Address Diabetes


It goes without saying that blood sugar management is necessary for diabetics. When they're high, it's incredibly dangerous to the point of damaging eyes, nerves and vital organs. The risk of stroke, kidney disease and heart disease increase considerably.


Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy published a study wherein chaga mushroom extract was fed by researchers to overweight mice with type 2 diabetes. The mushroom-eating mice, in comparison to those who didn't eat, had insulin resistance and less blood sugar.


  • Chaga Mushrooms Will Likely Bring Immunity and Inflammation Down


There are studies in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine through test-tube and animal means alike. The findings saw antiviral and antibacterial properties alike increase considerably, alongside inflammation being cut down considerably. The former is associated with a notable increase in white blood cells.


Hunnes defines white blood cells as the main defense of the body against bacteria and viruses. Having an ample supply of this is what keeps a person healthy.


Findings in the same study found chaga mushrooms cutting down cytokines considerably and/or preventing them. The textbook definition of cytokines is simply this: proteins that are quite small. Despite their size, they play a major role in controlling blood cells and immune system cells in terms of activity and growth.


Conclusion, Where do I buy Chaga Mushrooms?


Chaga mushrooms are ideal for a number of reasons, as they gain popularity over the years. While they're cancerous for trees, it seems they're great for human health. Possible benefits include addressing cancer, addressing diabetes and bringing down immunity as well as inflammation.


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