10 Good (& Scientifically Valid) Excuses to Justify Eating More Chocolate

10 Good (& Scientifically Valid) Excuses to Justify Eating More Chocolate

Anyone who likes chocolate/cacao probably doesn’t need an explanation as to why it has been incredibly popular for thousands of years, but in case its been a minute and you're looking for some confirmation that indulging is the right decision, we got you!



    1. Blood sugar /insulin sensitivity

    2. Unhealthy cholesterol

    3. Inflammation

    4. Stress

    5. Fatigue



    1. Mood via serotonin production

    2. Feelings of pleasure and reward receptors via dopamine

    3. Healthy blood circulation

    4. Cognitive function & memory

    5. Muscle recovery


    Modern nutritional science of chocolate (yes...studying chocolate is someones job) has caught up with the effects of cacao and why it has been incredibly popular for so long. They've narrowed down what exactly the compounds and bio-mechanisms are that are responsible for these effects to the following. Trigger warning: may bring up chemistry class trauma... 

    • Theobromine

    • Tryptophan

    • Flavanols

    • Phenylethylamine

    • Anandamide

    • Tryptoline

    • Anti-oxidants

    • Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium

     If all those fancy names are all you need to believe the power of cacao and you can't wait to try some cacao and chocolate products with the addition of some of our superfood mushroom powder extracts, you can head to our store from here!

    But, if you're curious about just what the heck all those aforementioned compounds are and how exactly they're responsible for the good feelings we get from chocolate, we went ahead to do a little bio-chemical breakdown for you here!



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