How to quit coffee (safely) 🙃☕️🙃☕️

How to quit coffee (safely) 🙃☕️🙃☕️


☕️ Is Coffee 2 Legit 2 Quit?

Short answer? Nah. There are a lot of reasons folks decide to quit coffee.  Everything from hormonal imbalances, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, dehydration, trouble sleeping, liver and dental health, acidity, digestive issues, budgeting, etc etc.

Whatever your reasons are, we support you. And here are some recs for how to go about it without hurting yourself or anyone around you.. 😉


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🌊 Go slow   

Slow she goes. Don’t go quittin' all at once if you want to avoid the dreadful withdrawals and/or cussing out your computer. We recommend that if you’re drinking two cups a day, cut back to just one cup for a few days or a week. From there, go down to half a cup, so on and so forth. (We know a lot of people quit cold turkey, but they can be really unpleasant to be around in those first few days so just be mindful. 🙃)


 🚀 Energy upgrade 

When you’re ready to ween off coffee completely, you can switch over something cleaner but still energizing, like green tea or matcha that have relaxing L-theanine (great for meditation).  These are great substitutions if you’re still feeling like you want to maintain a caffeine-intake. 🍵 

If caffeine is a no-go, it may be nice to have something herbal and decaffeinated like mushrooms or dandy blend in the morning to maintain the ritual and keep you from longing for the ole Joe-Joe bro bro.



🍄 Add in Mushrooms + Adaptogens  

Supplementing with fungi and herbs in your morning routine can help mitigate your cravings for coffee while still offering you the pick-me-up you seek. These superfoods will be your best friend in helping your body adapt to stress, especially if you’re quitting caffeine entirely. Adaptogens provide you stress-resilience clarity without the adrenal fatigue or overstimulation that can come from coffee consumption.  



Our morning staples include Lion’s Mane for focus and productivity, Cordyceps for natural, sustained energy, and Reishi for a stress-relieving and anti-fatigue powerhouse.


Check out these five mushroom elixirs you can make at home for some yummy ways to integrate adaptogens into your day! (Psst, omit the shot of espresso from #1 if you're actually gonna go through with this whole quit coffee thing. 😉)


Non-mushroom adaptogens such as Rhodiola, Gingseng, and Gingko Balboa can also enhance clarity, natural energy levels, focus, and creativity. 

All of these are great tools to keep in your arsenal to promote mental acuity and mood elevation without the anxious jitters or post-consumption crash that often accompanies coffee!



SO. Ready to give up dat Java???  Email or DM us and tell us you’re quittin' the hard stuff so we can pepper you with words of encouragement, memes, and adaptogenic latte recipes to keep you inspired!  MUSH LOVE - we believe in you! 💖✨🍄

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