Reishi Mushroom: Facts About These Medicinal Mushrooms

Reishi Mushroom: Facts About These Medicinal Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are used in traditional Chinese medicine to potentially treat cancer and infections. They have been approved as a treatment for cancer in Japan and China for more than 30 years. Reishi mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years to treat infections. More recently, they’ve also been used to treat pulmonary diseases and cancers.

This article will shed light on reishi mushrooms and how they can be used as a dietary supplement.

Reishi Mushroom: Facts About These Medicinal Mushrooms

In some ways, the reishi mushroom is a very unusual mushroom. The main reason for this is that it’s one of the few mushrooms to have medicinal properties. One of the most unusual things about reishi mushrooms is their life cycle. It begins its life as a tree fungus and grows in the roots of an oak tree. From there, it sprouts a tiny, mushroom-like fruit body. Unlike most mushrooms, the fruiting body is not the part of the fungus that is used. Instead, the part of the fungus used in Chinese medicine is the mycelium. The mycelium is the white, fluffy underside of the mushroom body.

What Are The Potentially Known Benefits Of Reishi Mushrooms?

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There are several known health benefits of reishi mushrooms. Some of them are:

1 - Reishi Mushrooms May Bring Relief From Inflammation

Reishi mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties and have been shown to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect. They are particularly effective in treating symptoms of asthma.

2 - Reishi Mushrooms May Cause Better Heart Health

Reishi mushroom has been used for centuries to potentially treat heart conditions. Research shows that it can reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow and prevent blood clots. It also has beneficial effects on certain hormones that govern blood pressure. Reishi mushroom has been proven to help in the treatment of hypertension.

3 - Reishi Mushrooms Can Boost The Immune System

The body’s immune system is responsible for fighting off foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. If a person’s immune system is weakened, then they could be susceptible to illnesses. Therefore, a weakened immune system could be dangerous. Apart from the immune system, the reishi mushroom also provides some antioxidant benefits.

4 - Reishi May Improve Blood Circulation

Research shows that reishi mushrooms can reduce oxidative stress on the body and improve blood circulation. This helps to lower blood pressure and can help to prevent or potentially treat heart disease. Research into reishi mushrooms also shows that it can slow the progression of atherosclerosis.

5 - Reishi May Also Treat Cancer

The use of reishi mushrooms to potentially treat cancer dates back to the 12th century. Today, there is still interest in the reishi mushroom’s potential to treat cancer. However, there is no conclusive evidence that it is an effective treatment for cancer. The preliminary evidence is that reishi mushrooms can slow the growth of malignant tumors. However, more research is needed.


You can find reishi mushroom supplements at a local health food store. You can take it as a dietary supplement, or you can use it to make tea. Place dried reishi mushrooms in hot water, and leave it to steep for a few hours. The liquid will have a woody and fruity taste.

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