How to Sleep Better: Reishi + Sleep

How to Sleep Better: Reishi + Sleep

Very few people dispute the fact that we need sleep to be functional human beings in this world. How well we're sleeping has an effect on our memory, mood, productivity, and overall health.

However, there are many factors that can deter us from getting a proper night's rest even when we're getting into bed on time. This all seems to be compounded by the fact that many of us are now living and working in our homes, thus making the work-life balance that much more delicate. 

Some factors that effect our sleep quality include:
  • Blue electronic light from increased screen time (Thank Netflix's amazing original content)

  • Stress

  • Diet

  • "Read" but un-replied texts (or when their last replied text was solely & frankly, rather passive aggressively, "K") 

The list really goes on and on.  Sometimes our day-to-day lives make it feel impossible to properly wind down at night. But fret not, there is a fung-tional ally to all this madness. An end-of-the-day healthy night cap you can kick back with and float like a feather


Queue Reishi! As we've discussed in the past, Reishi has many uses and benefits. It relieves anxiety and stress, detoxifies your liver, provides mental clarity, and it may very well be the vital piece of your evening routine that you're missing.
Reishi can do wonders for getting good quality sleep at night. One study showed a three-day administration of Reishi extract created a "hypnotic" effect and increased total sleep time. (We will posting a Scientific Review post on this study next month!) 
Reishi, or as it is known by its Latin name, Ganoderma lingzhi, is mother natures chill pill and can help us relax out so that we can peacefully fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed!
Aside from herbal/fungal plant allies consider doing the following to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest & digest nervous system):
  • Stretching / rolling out on foam roller to ease tension in the body
  • Enjoy a hot shower / bath
  • Definitely turn off the news and don't check Twitter
  • Actually, just don't touch your phone dude unless it is to...
  • Turn on soothing music and/or a really boring podcast
  • Consider reading (fiction can be fun to inspire fantastical dreams!) or journaling to get any lingering stresses onto a page and out of your mind  

What about you? How do you unwind at night to prepare yourself for rest?

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