What is Tremella?

What is Tremella?


Of the mushrooms we love, shoutout, and include in our superfood products, one of the lesser known ones we often see eyebrows raised on is Tremella fuciformis. Also known as Silver ear or snow fungus, this tremella is a white & gelatinous mushroom that is aesthetically quite different than your typical stem-and-cap mushroom.


Its gooey flower-like jelly blossom pops of out of the wood substrate you find it on and its gelatinous texture has made it a culinary essential for texturizing dishes in Asian. However, it’s remarkability extends far beyond its unique morphology & history of culinary use. Tremella has also been turning heads for its varied health benefits & skin-beautification reputation.


(Wild Tremella fuciformis in Pololu valley, Hawaii Island)


Dating back to the Tang dynasty around 710 AD, Yang Guifei, one of China’s famed four great beauties is said to have credited tremella with maintain her youthful appearance. Unlike a lot of ancient lore, this one actually has credible confirmation from modern cosmetic chemist.


(Yang Guifei herself...tough to imagine her being cool with rubbing mushrooms on her skin but don't judge a book by its cover I suppose)

Tremella acts similar to hyaluronic acid, the beauty industry’s chemical poster child, which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. However, tremella apparently has even smaller particles so it can actually penetrate the skin more easily, and attract and bind water molecules thus improving hydration & elasticity of the skin. Believe it or not, beauty product manufacturers have begun including it in several skin care products.


Cardiovascular & Anti-Cholesterol

 If increasing skin health wasn’t enough, this superfood also has evidence on helping cardiovascular health via lowering lipid profiles in the body. One study in rats showed that after four weeks of consumption, total cholesterol significantly decreased, including LDL cholesterol.  (1)



 Typically you hear us harp about Lions Mane and it’s benefits on the brain, but tremella also has evidence showing its benefits. A 2007 study clinically assed tremella & its neuroptotective effects. The results showed that tremella promotes brain-cell growth and thus has potential to support cognition against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

 But you don't need neuroprotective mushrooms to know why we included tremella to be one of the mushrooms used in our 8 Mushroom Superfood Mix!

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I just found this in my back orchard! Can you tell me how to grow more from it? Left it on the tree. Would really super appreciate any advice you can throw at me!!!!


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