Aglio e Olio e Shroomio, with Oyster Mushroom and Cordyceps

Aglio e Olio e Shroomio, with Oyster Mushroom and Cordyceps

🍄 Aglio e Olio e Shroomio 🍝 


Not a snack, but a whole mealll  🤤  Shout out to our dear friend and contributor Paige Benner for this muy fine platter of oyster mushroom spaghetti with pressed garlic and cordyceps in oil❣️



Ingredients with Measurements

✿ 1 tbsp Mālama Mushrooms Cordyceps Extract Mix (or mix of choice)

✿ 1 box o pasta (spaghetti, linguini, or fettuccini) 

✿ 4 garlic cloves (finely sliced)

✿ 1 big bunch o parsley (finely chopped)

✿ 1 big bunch oyster mushrooms 

✿  1/2 cup EVOO

✿  Pinch of sea salt




✿  Ahoy - start cooking your pasta (cooking til al dente)!

✿ Tear apart oysters til they are all about the same size and throw in a hot pan with enough EVOO to coat the bottom. Leave these babes untouched for 3-5 minutes, until crispy, once crispy toss em around til the other side is crispy. Salt to taste after crispiness is achieved and remove from heat. 

✿ Add garlic and Mālama extract to a separate hot pan with 2 glugs of EVOO (roughly 1/2 cup). Let the extract dissolve in the oil and allow the garlic to become transparent for maximum yum-th. 

✿ When pasta is al dente, mix it up in your pan with the garlic and add your parsley. 

✿ Plate with your pasta parsley garlic mushroom combo on the bottom and top with your crispy oyster shrooms!


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