No bake Lion's Mane Chocolate Cups (Vegan, GF)

No bake Lion's Mane Chocolate Cups (Vegan, GF)

Energy Boosting, Chocolate Bite Sized Cups by our Oahu sister girl @michinkitch 🥰🚀✨🍫

No bake, refined sugar free, vegan and takes less than 10 minutes to assemble, these mushroom-filled chocolate cups perfect brain and energy boost that you need for your afternoon slump! 🙃🙃

🌈 What you’ll need:

No Bake Crust:
-2 tbsp Mālama Mushrooms Lions Mane Cacao mix
-1c graham cracker crumbs
-1/4c coconut flour
-2 tbsp unsweetened cacao powder
-8 tbsp vegan cream cheese
-2 tbsp maple syrup or honey
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-2 tbsp almond milk

-1/2c sugar free chocolate
-1 to 2 tbsp Lions Mane Cacao Mix
-1 tsp coconut oil

🌈 How to make:

-Add graham crackers, cocoa powders and coconut flour into a food processor and blend till it becomes fine.

-Add the rest of the wet ingredients until it becomes like a dough like consistency (you can do this by hand as well).

*make sure the dough isnt too sticky but still hold together when you press them

-Take a small amount of the dough mixture and press into your lined cupcake holders until all of them are filled (makes about 12).

-In the microwave, melt chocolate and coconut oil together in 30 sec intervals.

-Pour melted chocolate over each cup on top of the pressed graham cracker crust.

-Top with leftover graham cracker crust if desired or cacao nibs.

-Set in fridge until hardened (30 minutes). Store in airtight container in fridge for up to 2 weeks.

+ Voila!! ✨✨ tysm Mich 🙏💕 Go follow @michinkitch for more yummy healthy recipes and get inspired in the kitch!

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