Mushroom-Superfood Cookie Dough 'Nice' Cream (GF)

Superfood Mushroom Cookie Dough Milkshake


We did it, fam. On a quest to create the dessert-y things we crave without refined sugars or crazy processed ingredients, we crafted this completely plant-based "nice cream" with cookie dough chunks.  And it's pretty darn tasty.  But don't take it from me - grab these ingredients and try it for yourself!  




Avocado (cut into chunks and frozen)

Coconut yogurt

Coconut butter

Collagen Peptides

Vanilla protein powder 

Maple syrup (or sweetener of choice)

Malama Mushrooms Cacao Mix of choice

Malama Mushrooms Four-Mushroom chocolate bar (for cookie dough chocolate chips)




+ Chocolate-Avocado 'Nice' Cream

Blend the following:

½ cup coconut yogurt

½ frozen avocado 

1 scoop collagen

2-3 tbsp Malama superfood Mushroom cacao powder of choice (or more depending on how chocolatey and rich you want it)

3 tbsp maple syrup 


+ 5-minute cookie dough balls:

Mix the following in a small bowl:

1 cup coconut yogurt

1/2 cup coconut butter

½ cup vanilla protein

Crush Malama Mushroom Chocolate into small chocolate chunks.

Fold into cookie dough mix.

Roll mix into balls and let freeze for 15 minutes.



Spoon Chocolate-Avocado 'Nice' Cream mix to cover bottom of serving bowl / jar and layer in cookie dough balls as it pleases. Add extra cookie dough mix or Malama Chocolate chunks on top for garnish. Eat right away or freeze for a post-dinner treat!


Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator

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