Superfood Mushroom Ganache 🍄 🥊 ✨🍫

Superfood Mushroom Ganache 🍄 🥊 ✨🍫

This simple, dairy-free Chocolate Ganache recipe made with our superfood mushrooms will effortlessly elevate your dessert game. You can use this as a fudgy, feel-good staple for all of your chocolatey dip, glaze, filling, frosting, or truffle base needs! 🍓


What you’ll need:

💫 ¼ cup coconut oil
💫 6 tbsp Lion’s Mane Cacao Mix (or Mālama Cacao Mix of choice)
💫 ¼ cup raw honey
💫 2-3 tbsp full fat coconut milk or heavy cream


💫 Heat the coconut oil just until melted, but not warm.
💫 Whisk in the mushroom cacao powder and honey until smooth and thick.
💫 While whisking, slowly add the coconut milk.
💫 Continue whisking until the ganache is smooth and glossy.


— If using as a glaze, allow to cool slightly just until thick enough to pour without all running off the side.

— If using as a frosting or filling, chill in the refrigerator and then beat with an electric mixer until it reaches the right consistency, adding more coconut milk if necessary.

—- If using for truffles, refrigerate until completely cool then roll small balls between hands before rolling in desired coating.

That’s all folks. Mahalo to Mommypotamus for the recipe inspiration! Enjoy your mushroom-chocolatey goodness!!  🙃

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