5 Easy-to-Make Mushroom Smoothies for Home or Cafe!

5 Easy-to-Make Mushroom Smoothies for Home or Cafe!

For many of us, knocking back a superfood smoothie is one of the best and most efficient ways to quickly replenish the body and load up on nutrients. Numbered are the days of the simple smoothie that consists of questionable frozen berries and low-fat yogurt...


Today we as health nuts demand our blended concoction to consist of at least THREE different types of leafy greens, healthy fats, healthy seeds, whatever non-dairy mylk that is trending the most, and adaptogens... LOTS OF ADAPTOGENS. We know the list of potential adaptogens to add to your smoothie is seemingly endless, so why choose mushrooms?


Today we'll be telling you why every smoothie ought to have a heavy dose of fungi plus we'll list five of our favorite fungi-infused recipes.
First, let's break down each of our four core fungi and what they do. For a more in-depth blog on the matter, check out: Why Use Mushrooms


Lion's Mane: Naturally and noticeably boosts cognition (memory and focus).
Reishi: A naturally potent remedy to stress, fatigue, and anxiety
Chaga: Promotes healthy immune system + great antioxidant
Cordyceps: Boosts energy and endurance + aids respiratory health



1) Cordyceps Coconut Mango Smoothie



2)Blue Mushy Majik Smoothie



 3) Mermaid Mushroom-Matcha Smoothie (Paleo Vegan GF)



4) Chocolate Mushroom Almond Butter Smoothie



5) Mean-Green Reishi Smoothie Bowl


Let us know in the comments if you try any of these at home. If you're a cafe or juice shop and are interested in partnering with us, we'd LOVE to work with you, and can provide you with our quality mushrooms & education material for display (below) to help educate your customer base. Email aloha@malamamushrooms.com for more info!
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